Mangowave Springbreak

April 19th 2014
Art Core Gallery
Via dei Marrucini 1-1a, 00185 Roma, IT.

Visuals during Mangowave Springbreak w/t Lazyboy and Mc Guyver.

Stochastic Resonance Electronic A/V Performance

Fri, April 05th 2014
Cinema America Occupato
Via Natale del Grande 6, 00153 Roma, IT

An evening focused on experimental electronics w/t Akamoi, BinaryCodedBrain, Ghostphace, Zephyr, Ynaktera.

Visuals and “Northern” Expo at Animal Social Club

March 10th 2014
Animal Social Club
Via di Portonaccio 23, 00159 Roma, IT

After Le Calzolerie, the exposition of “Northern” moves to Animal Social Club.
For the occasion managing visuals at the opening event as well.


March 21th/24th 2013
Teatro Furio Camillo
Via Camilla 44, 00181 Roma, IT

New project involving music, video, songwriting and theater.
First shows at Teatro Furio Camillo from March 21th to 24th 2013

Entrance Time – 21.00, Sunday 18.00
Ticketes – 8 € + 2 € for card

Northern exposition at La Calzoleria

March 5th 2014
La Calzoleria
Via Prenestina 28, 00176 Roma, IT

Aberration #01 (Northern) exposition @ Vera Pelle.

Visuals at DayC feat. Levon Vincent

March 8th 2014
Via Levanna 11, 00141 Rome, IT

Visuals for Levon Vincent and Ghezzy at DayC. 

Visuals at Bosconi Squirts launch

February 2nd 2013
Animal Social Club
Via di Portonaccio 23, 00159 Roma, IT

Visuals @ Bosconi Squirt launch.
w/t Scott Groves, Corcos, The Clover, Nick Anthony Simoncino, Ghezzy, Marco Folco, Frank Martin.

Visuals at DayC feat. Mike Huckaby

January 4th 2014
Via Levanna 11, 00141 Rome, IT

Visuals @ DayC w/t Mike Huckaby, Franco B, Ghezzy.

Visuals at Charity Madness

December 15th 2012
Managing visuals at Charity Madness

Charity event for “Children for Children Onlus”
The proceeds will be donated to charity for the project ‘Heart Man’ which aims to purchase ultrasound machines for the diagnosis of cardiovascular diseases and give the possibility to use them for free.

– Light Spheres (Sound’s Factory Ltd )
– Gianluca Meloni( Modern Heads )
– Mr. Kikko (Full Flava Records )
– Ales Digre (Psychadelic Balance)
– Cordsen
– Ricky Diciotto (Tony Records-Tesla Records)
– D.L.D
– DAMIAN SCHWARTZ – [COCOON Frankfurt – SPACE Ibiza ] (Ahd Records-Oslo Records- Raum…Musik)

Stochastic Resonance’s 1212012 / Ending Beforewards

Wed, December 12th 2012
Animal Social Club
Via di Portonaccio 23, 00159 Roma, IT

Stochastic Resonance’s 1212012 launch event.”Ending Beforewards” performance with Organic Systems Dance Collective, Ynaktera, Gianluca Meloni and Thierry Valentini.
Visuals for Ghostphace, Light Spheres, Ales Digre, Frank Martin, Alen Dunn, Ghezzy, Marco Folco.