Aggregator Series Day #01

Fri, July 15th 2012
Via dei Volsci 126/b, 00185 Roma, IT

Stochastic Resonance and Psychedelic Balance together.
w/t Ynkatera, Gianluca Meloni, Fabrizio Gallina, Andrea Baldasseroni, Ales Digre, Scual, Zephyr.

Visuals at MIT | Meet in Town 2012

June 09th 2012
Auditorium Parco della Musica
Viale Pietro De Coubertin 30, 00196 Roma, IT

Scual will collaborate with Quiet Ensemble for visuals at this year edition of MIT festival, managing Cavea stage at Auditorium Parco della Musica (Rome) where Afrika Bambaataa, Squarepusher and James Blake will perform.

V-Patterns at Il Pagliaglio

Sat, May 5th 2012
Il Pagliaio
Via di Selva Candida 311B, 00166 Roma, IT

V-Patterns w/t Ynaktera @Happy Ending.

Aggregator ~ a cross-genre night

April 21st 2012
Via delle Isole Cursolane 75, 00139 Roma, IT

Stochastic Resonance’s Aggreagtor: a cross-genre night.
Managing visuals, live performance w/t Ynaktera, Alen Dunn, Scual and exhibition of Rome/Snow and Double[Two]View.
Also performances by Spiral Effect, Too Left 2 Be Right, Meowtube + Diablo, Marco Folco, Ghezzy, Zephyr.


Visuals at Pull My DayC Festival

Mon, April 2012
Via Levanna 11, 00141 Rome, IT

Visuals for closing party @ Pull My DayC festival for Spoek Mathambo, Dj Khalab, Ghezzy, Agent, Vvino Pauli, DJL, Elephants in a Hostel.
Exposition of project Double[Two]View w/t Hogre.