SR 008 lab – Transient

After a bunch of songs published on Stochastic Resonance’s “numbers trilogy” compilations, Scual presents his debut EP, “Transient “, available as the first release under the new Stochastic Resonance’s Lab series (SR008-lab) that comes as a compact-disc in a paper bag with a printed poster- The album is composed of three tracks and three remixes. The first three tracks are arranged into creative compositions, keeping their autonomy and their role in the global work. Broken rhythms and abrasive sounds are overtaken by granular waves while IDM atmospheres are used to decline other electronic manipulations.

The remixes, curated by Mariano, Yoshitaka Hikawa and Nasti offer instead an alternate look on the first track Transient Hopes, giving to it different declinations by blending its cadence to different styles and sensibilities. The music is re-worked, from minimal changes, to deconstructions and genre twisting; reflecting once more the idea behind Stochastic Resonance: the use of different grands and contributes to resonate an initial given idea.

“Transient” represents an attempt to depict a bridge between artificial and human intelligence: as in computer programming, transient is the property of any element in the system that is temporary, thus human feelings and schemes are transient and often, no matter the reality, they are recursively foolishly optimistic.

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01. transient hopes 08:32
02. transient response 08.11
03. transient fond 06:24
04. transient hopes – mariano rmx 08:36
05. transient hopes – yoshitaka hikawa rmx 03.14
06. transient hopes – nasti rmx 08.31

Music: Scual
Artworks: Scual
Design and Package: Scual
Remixes and Additional Production: Mariano, Nasti & Yoshitaka Hikawa
Production: Stochastic Resonance
Mastered by Ynaktera at Bootleg Recording Studio, Rome IT