SR 011 lab – Unfolding Spaces

Type: Graphic Design/Packaging
Customer: Stochastic Resonance
Product: SR 011 lab
Title: Unfolding Spaces
Artist: M.K.R.

Spaces which unfold between the rhythms, the harmonics walls, and the grooves of M.K.R. as happens in the reinterpretations of six different artists, Agan, AV-K, Dramavinile, Kolmitt, Nasti and Subion.
Plans that are reversed and blended with each other, blurring the boundaries between one creation and the other. A record that, according to the artist’s vision, is meant to represent the “sharable multiproperties in the mutlipersonalities of the individual”. The expression of an original concept is, recovered, blended, revisited, personalized and finally reproposed. The provision itself of the tracks is to reflect this dynamic; no distinctions, only one flow, which evolves multifaceted. An album whose pregnancy has gone hand in hand with the creation of the remixes, just to help the game of references and redundant speculations which reside behind the concept, initially inscribed in some verses of the same MKR:

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